Morne Stephanus

Ray Sullins

Terrance Brownlow Dindy

Terrance is currently working with the Sixth Street congregation in Florida.  He has been married to his wife Shenia for 24 years.  They have four children: Destyni, Terrance Jr., Gabriel and KeVontre.  He received his BA in Graphic Design from the University of Oklahoma in 1995. 

      He is a graduate of the Brown Trail School of Preaching (2000) and obtained his Master of Biblical Studies from Bear Valley Bible Institute International (2016).  He has served as the local minister in Missouri, Louisiana and Florida.

John DeBerry

John DeBerry is a graduate of University of Memphis and Freed-Hardeman University he also attended Christian Brothers University where he studied marketing and computer programming. John DeBerry was married to his wife, Georgia for over 40 years prior to her death in 2015. They have two daughters and seven grandchildren. He has been preaching full-time since 1968. Currently, he serves as the Minister for the Coleman Avenue Church of Christ addition to his local work, he has served as a Tennessee State representative since 1995.

Morne Stephanus is a 2008 graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching. Since then he has worked with congregations in his native country of South Africa as well as Baton Rouge, LA.

      Morne is currently laboring for the Duluth Church of Christ in Duluth, GA. Morne is Married to his lovely wife and best friend Amanda. Morne enjoys laboring for the Lord and has been privileged to preach the word on lectureships, gospel meetings, television and radio.

Ray has been the evangelist at Kansas Expressway Church of Christ since October, 1998. He has a wife named Cindy, and three children: Nikki, Trey, and Chase. His Son Trey is Currently a preacher for the Omaha church of Christ. Ray and Cindy spent seven years in Africa. Ray taught at the Botswana and Zambia School of Biblical Studies. He also worked with the local churches there. He is also an instructor for the Bible Institute of Missouri.

Kennewick Church of Christ

2019 Spring Lectureship


May 1st (Wednesday)

6:00 pm    6:50 pm Sermon 1 - The One True Church - Who, What, Where, When? – Terrance Brownlow Dindy

6:50 pm    7:10 pm Break

7:10 pm    8:00 pm Sermon 2- The One True Church In Prophecy – Ray Sullins

May 2nd  (Thursday)


6:00 pm    6:50 pm Sermon 3 - The One True Church And It’s Authority – Terrance Brownlow Dindy

6:50 pm    7:10 pm Break

7:10 pm    8:00 pm Sermon 4- The One True Church And Christ – Ray Sullins


May 3rd  (Friday)

6:00 pm    6:50 pm Sermon 5- The One True Church And It’s Purpose – Ray Sullins

6:50 pm    7:10 pm Break

7:10 pm    8:00 pm Sermon 6 - The One True Church And It’s Work - Terrance Brownlow Dindy

May 4th   (Saturday)


10:00 am    10:50 am Sermon 7- The One True Church And It’s Worship – John DeBerry

10:50 am    11:10 am Break

11:10 am    12:00 pmSermon 8 - The One True Church And It’s Fellowship  - Morne Stephanus


4:30 pm    5:50 pm Sandwich Supper - provided at church building
6:00 pm    6:50 pm Sermon 9- The One True Church And It’s Influence – Morne Stephanus

6:50 pm    7:10 pm Break 

7:10 pm    8:00 pm Sermon 10- The One True Church And It’s True members – John DeBerry


May 5th  (Sunday)

9:30 am     10:20 amSermon 11- The One True Church And Discipline – Morne Stephanus

10:30 am   11:45 am Worship - Sermon 12- The One True Church And It’s Members Involvement - John DeBerry

12:00 pm   2:00pm Potluck Lunch


6:00 pm  6:50 pm Sermon 13- The One True Church Stays The Course – Morne Stephanus

6:50 pm  7:10 pm Break

7:10 pm  8:00 pm Sermon 14- The One True Church And It’s Eternal Destiny – John DeBerry