Dustin McCrickard is a graduate of the Bible Institute of Missouri. He has been married 11 years to his wonderful wife Amanda, they have 3 kids, Mailey (10) Laiken (9) and Kaleb (5). Before attending the Bible Institute of Missouri Dustin was a deputy sheriff for 6 years. He and his wife have always had a passion for futhering the Kingdom. They also enjoy working with the youth, taking them to summer camps, bible bowls, youth nights and many other functions. 


Think Souls

In the world today there are approximately 7 billion people. Every single person whether they want to admit it or not have a soul. There is one concept that has stuck with me since I first heard it. A wise gospel preacher had on his Bible two words “Think Souls”. He said it was a reminder of why he was doing what he was doing. Throughout life no matter where you are you have to remember to think souls. That is why I am in ministry, because statistically we have been on the decline. Which leaves a daunting task for the church. When you have the mindset of "think souls" everything else goes away. It doesn't matter what color a person is or if they are rich or poor. They have a soul and it is the churches job to bring souls to Christ. My goal as a minister is to do that very thing, bring souls to Christ and encourage, edify and strengthen those who are in the body of Christ. In the end we all have one job and that is the great commission, but in order to do that we must “Think Souls”.  - Dustin McCrickard